Web Design

What is Web Design?

A good-looking website is an especially important part of its success; but an easily accessible website is even more important.

Web design is centered around two major design fields: graphic design and user interface design. We at Support Star believe that visual design should never overrule accessibility. There are many good-looking websites that are difficult to navigate or lack essential content. We are focused on user interface design and employ basic graphic design only to enforce accessibility. Our main goal is to make good looking websites that are both content rich and universally accessible.

Web Development

What is Development?

Web development is the process of translating your needs into a website which best represents your business or personal interests. The main goal is to provide your visitors with all the information and/or services they require in the most accessible way possible.

Technology Overview

There are hundreds of different technologies in use on the Internet. It can be quite overwhelming when trying to figure out which is best suited to a particular need. In addition, for any task there are various technologies that allow you to accomplish the same goal.

Good thing then that we favour quality, we employ only those technologies that help us achieve that specific goal. Affordability is also paramount, and hence we do not use any proprietary technologies which would incur additional costs for our clients.

Luckily, most of the best modern web technologies are open source (or free to use). Most proprietary technologies only offer advantages to developers (such as easier development, or visual development tools). We develop websites using the technologies that are the best for you, not the best for us.

Mobile Responsive Design

With the rise of mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.), many potential clients access the web using these types of devices. All modern mobile devices can access the internet and browse websites. However, many of these devices have small display areas and websites that are made for large monitors can be cumbersome to navigate.

Modern web technologies allow developers to create websites that respond to the various screen sizes used to access the internet. A properly designed website reduces the size of certain items and hides unneeded content in order to provide comfortable use on a smaller screen device. Each website will have different needs when it comes to displaying content on a mobile device, and we will evaluate and implement these on a per-website basis.

We take great care in creating websites that are ready for the modern Internet and mobile devices in general.


What on Earth is SEO?

SEO is a set of techniques used to optimize a website so that it is visible to all the major search engines, including South African versions such as www.google.co.za. Once visible, the goal is to get the website ranked as high as possible in search results.

Why do I need it?

Statistically, an online search engine is the best marketing tool available today. So far, we have successfully brought our clients to the first page of search results in all the major search engines. We have also managed to keep them there for their specific and most important keywords.

We analyze every one of our clients’ websites and design a special workflow for each one to ensure maximum ROI (return on investment). Our aim is to bring you 100% or more of all the capital you have invested in your website.

With the complexity and market saturation on the internet today, not even Google can ensure a specific search ranking. All they can do is serve up the highest quality websites (based on their algorithm) for any particular search query. To have your website on the first page for every possible combination of relevant search terms is nearly impossible.

That is where SEO comes in. It is up to SEO to discover as many as possible relevant search terms and to ensure that your website ranks as high as possible for all searches involving those terms. This is not an easy feat, but one that we take very seriously and strive towards diligently.

Let me explain to you why you don’t need to pay for SEO anymore. If you have a good honest website with useful content that the search engine bots or crawlers will favour your website with a good ranking. 

So, you want to start online advertising and have your own website. 

First things first, you need to reserve your “name” or URL with a hosting company. In South Africa to buy and host your own website is as cheap as R50 a month but an initial URL purchase of R130 (once a year) is also needed. 

When your URL is registered and active and you have a completed, working website; the first thing you need to do is to let Google know about your new website. You will have to use an active google mail account (Gmail) to do so. Register here. 

Next step is to create a web profile on Google Search Console here.  

You will also need to create an analytics account with Google here. 

Now that the Google crawlers know about your website, give it a few days to build a data structure around the information on your website and the keyword density etc. 

Use your analytics account to analyze and tweak your website to its ultimate efficiency. 

I would recommend that you also make use of the Google my business and Google places options that Google provide. Everything is free to use to exploit your new business. When you start advertising online I would suggest using the cheaper Facebook advertising option before using AdWordsit’s so much cheaper than Google AdWords, but you will be able reach a small crowd of people at first but always remember that there is no better marketing than word of mouth, so, treat your customers well and they will look after you. 

Do not trust online companies charging massive amounts of money to “do your advertising for you” all they are doing is using the Google instruments, a free service, and charging you to do so.