Cloud Services

What are “Cloud Services”?

Cloud Services are services hosted by an expert provider, on the Internet which an end-user gains access to, without the need to understand or procure the back-end technology. Cloud services are a part of what makes Support Star a strong player in the South African market. We have embraced the cloud, to provide you with secure, reliable, and resilient email, backups, and file sync, at a fraction of the cost of similarly scaled on premise solutions.

Hosted Exchange

As a Microsoft Cloud partner, we can offer Hosted Exchange services built on Microsoft Office 365.

Our hosted Exchange Offers:

  • 50GB mailboxes!
  • 99.9% uptime – guaranteed!
  • Fully backed up and redundant.
  • World class spam & virus filtering.

Cloud Backup

We can provide you with as much secure and reliable storage as you need to backup all your data offsite.

  • Reliable offsite backups.
  • Agents for various applications, including SQL, Exchange etc.
  • Trickle seed your changed data at night for incremental backups.
  • Full daily report of your backup status.

File Synchronisation 

Built on EMC Syncplicity, file-sync is a reliable and secure way to sync your files between your laptops, desktops, and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. The client is available on iOS and Android, and supports Apple based and Windows based desktops. You can also share a document between co-workers to allow multiple users access to the same cloud-based content.

But this sounds expensive…

Not as expensive as you might think! Cloud services are normally based on the number of users and or the amount of data they consume. Contact us now for a free quote on any of the services available here.

How do I get into the Cloud?

It’s not hard, give us your details, click the button, and one of our account managers will arrange to contact you.